This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Shooting lots of fitness and golf instruction up at the Belfry for Golf Monthly.
  • Giving a lecture and a lighting demo at NUCA. Very impressed, as they asked lots of questions, and were a very turned on bunch indeed. Rather made me miss the fact that there’s been no lecture tour this year though!
  • Taking a portrait of author and journalist Toby Young for PTA magazine, as he’s starting a school with a group of like-minded parents over in West London.
  • Going to visit a mate in hospital, who’s had crohns disease for about 15 years. Sadly, it doesn’t go away, and now and again medical people have to stick things up his bottom.
  • Catching up with some friends from college, one of whom I’d not seen in about 5 years.
  • To my amazement, going to Bluewater with my girl-friend for a bit of Christmas shopping, and not going mental. Probably helped enormously that we got there fairly early, as it was getting proper rammed by the time we left in the afternoon.
  • Eating more than my fair share of very fine cheese at a friend’s cheese and wine party.

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