This Week I are Mostly Been….

McClarenA McClaren MP4-12c. Yours for, erm, actually, I didn’t ask how much they were, as I thought it would be a bit pointless…
  • Visiting the set of Captain America at Shepperton, although I can’t show you any of the pictures, and won’t be able to for some time to come, as I’ve signed an NDA, and handed over my memory card! I’ve no idea about the plot, or anything like that, but having seen some of the sets, the prosthetics, costumes and some of the artwork, I can tell you it is going to look very cool indeed.
  • Shooting a matchday for the Street League up in a very blustery, wet and cold Islington.
  • Going to the McClaren Technology centre to take some shots of the MP4-12C, for Flipside magazine. The building is extremely cool, and I’d love to shoot there again, ideally with some models and lots of time and lighting. Was as impressed as I could be by the car (which isn’t very much I’m afraid – car’s like that don’t do much for me – too bling)
  • Cycling all the way up the Lea valley, as far as the M25 in the drizzle and cold this morning. Came back with a very muddy bike indeed.

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