This Week I are Mostly Been….

Brighton Sunset

  • A quick shoot for the Camden Time bank people up at a Community centre in Camden town.
  • Going to see the Fireworks on Clapham Common, very impressive, but I had a nagging feeling that Lambeth Council were sending up in smoke most of their annual budget, after Mr Osbourne’s latest efforts.
  • Working our way round 11 pubs in Brighton yesterday, very enjoyable and very pleased to make it all the way round without losing motor functions or the power of speech – I did stick to half pints, but all the same, I’m not the drinker I used to be. Perhaps this is a good thing.
  • Spending a very pleasant afternoon in the pub for an old friend’s birthday
  • Enjoying the new outdoor gym in Burgess Park. Very Venice Beach, but without the sunshine and temperatures.
  • Played squash, gave blood, though not in that order, as I’d have been more faint than usual.

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