2010 Black Box


2010 BlackboxThis year’s “Black Box”. Should open to a slightly larger image, although you can’t click on each shoot, as that would take me quite some time to put together….

I’ve talked before about the value of creating a “Black Box” of images, and here’s the box for 2010. I know it’s not December the 31st yet, but I’m certain there will be no shoots between here and there, although I am booked for a job as early as the 2nd of January, so I’m off to a fairly good start in 2011.

A quick bit of number crunching. There are 119 shoots up there (remember the rule is to select one image from each shoot, but it must the image that I feel is the best – not necessarily the one the client picked, or the one that made the cover, and that I have to pick one from every shoot, even shoots I’d rather forget about!) although there’s one image missing, as I haven’t had my memory card back from the people at Captain America yet, so have nothing to show for it.

Out of those 119 shoots, 7 were personal or test shoots, 4 were for charity, and the rest were all paying jobs. I can count 14 clients, and approximately 10 covers from that lot. I say approximately because sometimes I don’t know how many from each shoot will make it onto a cover, and often I shoot something that’s a potential cover, and it won’t be published for 6 months or more.

It’s almost all shot in the UK, with Germany, France, and Gran Canaria thrown in as well. Thankfully I’ve not had to fly too often, or too far this year.

As far as using the black box for it’s original purpose of allowing me to chart my own creative development, it’s still a very effective tool and the development is quite promising. There seems to be a clearer style building, although as always there are lots of areas I want to improve on. Some of my most recent shoots (as recently as the last couple of weeks in fact!) have started to point the way to some of this evolution. Alongside the black box, I’ve also started using my Logbook much more, and I’ve been meaning for a very long time to write a post about the application of logbooks. With any luck I’ll get it done before the new year, but don’t hold your breath!

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