This Week I are Mostly Been….

Burgess park in snowSnow. Whoopee Do, and Bah Humbug.

  • Shooting a cover and feature for Bluff Europe with the very professional Sam Trickett at the Duchess in Battersea.
  • Catching up with lots of friends and family before Christmas, although being somewhat hampered by the snow at the weekend. I shall avoid slipping into a typical rant about how crap everything is when there’s snow, but for future reference I’m very much in the “this is rubbish” camp, rather than the “ooh, lovely!” camp.
  • Shooting a years worth of content for Women and Golf in the Lemonade Factory, and then shooting a test in the afternoon.
  • Going to see the Railway Children at Waterloo station. Very impressively staged, but a little odd seeing grown adults acting as children.
  • Shooting a Dumb-Bells Bookazine for Men’s Fitness in the Lemonade Factory, which became the last job of the year, as I’ve nothing else in the diary now until the 2nd of January.
  • Going for a night-time run, and exploiting one of the few advantages of the snow – it makes it very easy to see where you’re going across the park if there’s a full moon!
  • Not enjoying the 3rd test match. At all.

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