A Quick Review of 2010

Nothing too in depth here, and I’m sticking firmly to the work side here – no discussion of holidays or emotional states….

  • I shot less covers than I’d hoped, mostly because of changes at the magazines that normally commission them from me (using more stock, keeping things in house etc), which is a bit disappointing. I’m still on course to pass the 100 mark at some point in the next 6 months, but I’ve not counted up in ages.
  • Was more than a bit miffed not to do a lecture tour in 2010, although perhaps if there’s one this year the break will have served me well. I miss travelling round and talking to students, and finding out what’s going on. Plus, I like scaring the crap out of people, I’ll admit. Mind you, I was so busy in October this year that I’ve no idea when I would have fitted a tour in!
  • On the plus side there have been a decent handful of better paying jobs (i.e. better than my standard editorial rate) as well as being considered for some proper advertising shoots. This trend is very encouraging, and hopefully will continue into 2011.
  • I’ve been fairly consistent on the blog front – apart from that rather large gap over the summer. By no means my biggest achievement of the year, but I’m still quite chuffed since I’ve kept it ticking over for a good few years now.
  • I’ve had some cool trips – Mont Ventoux in France, the Paris Motor Show, shooting on the runway at London City Airport, the Men’s Health Survival Series, Gran Canaria and Germany with the golfers to mention but a few.
  • Also worked with some very cool people; Harry AA, Lee Westwood, Leo Houlding, Ranulph Fiennes, Nick Dempsey, and Daniel Singh being just a short selection. It’s still one of the best parts of my job, being sent to cool places to work with very cool people.
  • Bought a new car – my first one ever, and I’m ashamed to be so happy with something so superficial, but there you go.
  • Wasn’t too happy with the 3 month period (May, June, July) that was marred with double bookings, cancellations and postponements, nor that I missed out on a trip to the Isle of Skye in October, as I was double booked. Still, life went on.

As for next year, well, more of the same really. Except I promise I’ll do some more marketing, and this time do it more consistently rather than just take the portfolio round a couple of times, then let it gather dust. I must also play around with video properly, rather than just recording the odd clip and going “oooh, that’s clever”. It’d be nice to do another lecture tour in the Autumn, but that decision is out of my hands.

Here’s to 2011!

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