This Week I are Mostly Been….

Tough Guy 2011A very common reaction to the Tough Guy race.

  • Too tired to post on Sunday evening, as I was up at 4.30 on Sunday morning to shoot the Tough Guy race (for the 2nd time) for Men’s Fitness. It was even more impressive than last time, and the water was definitely colder – the first runner’s through had to break the ice! If you’ve never been to see this race, I highly recommend putting next year’s date in the diary, it’s fantastic to watch. And, if you’re in any way inclined towards racing, getting muddy, having adventures, or putting yourself through unnecessary suffering, then this is the daddy of them all!
  • Going dancing, and catching up with friends for beers.
  • Taking my 2nd cousins (and aunt and uncle) on an anagram treasure hunt round the city, before going to the Museum of London. I’d never been before, and it’s a bit “museum-y” in places – by which I mean there’s a lot of old objects in cases, but otherwise very good.
  • Going out for a double birthday do, as well as going to see High Society at the Wellcome Collection. Didn’t leave with a clear idea of whether drugs were good or bad, but then it would be a little hypocritical of Wellcome to scream “drugs are bad” at us, whilst making a fortune from them!
  • Not a lot else, since I was originally expecting to be on Jury Duty all week, so told people I wasn’t available for work. Having been let off a week early it’s a bit late to suddenly stump work up!

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