This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Jury Duty, as previously mentioned, although I was done and dusted by Thursday lunchtime. On the whole it was still a frustrating experience, as despite the case itself being interesting, there was an enormous amount of mucking about involved every day, and I’d rather have been taking photographs!
  • Going dancing for the first time in months.
  • Having an old friend for dinner. Sounds a bit dodgy, but wasn’t in any way at all.
  • Going to a talk at Wolfson and Tay given by Niki Segnit, about flavours, which was very good indeed. It inspired me to be a bit more experimental when cooking, so I was quite disappointed when I overcooked the squid I bought on the first time I used the new oven we’ve bought.
  • Doing another route finding bike ride for my big ride in the Summer. 40+ miles, including crossing over at the Dartford Tunnel, which is quite cool – you rock up to the crossing control, and 10 minutes later a 4×4 comes by and you load your bikes on the back, then he chucks you out on a slip road on the other side. All free, too. Cycling back into London though Essex, on a cold, damp January morning is a bit soul-destroying though, I’m not relishing that section come the big day!
  • No idea what this week holds, as originally I was expecting to still be on Jury Duty, so there are no shoots booked in. Time to catch up on a lot of admin!

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