This Week I are Mostly Been….

Christmas DogChristmas Dog.
  • A Happy new year, and other such appropriate greetings, since it’s now 2011. Hope the festive season was kind to you. I received a veritable library of books, some new running shoes, and a knitted border collie, so very chuffed all round.
  • Did a shoot for Men’s Fitness down in Devon on the 2nd, covering the Mud and Sweat Turkey Burner. Very enjoyable romping around the Devon countryside for a couple of hours, marred only slightly by the marathon drive from the East Midlands, via Oxfordshire to pick up the journalist, to Devon, and back again.
  • Having new broadband/telly put in the flat. It’s the first time since I’ve been in the flat (Summer 2007) that I’ve actually had an aerial plugged in to the telly, and to be honest it feels a bit weird. Very clever though – you really can pause live TV like they say on the adverts.
  • Another long distance shoot for Men’s Fitness photographing the Brownlee Brothers up in Leeds. Torrential rain as far as Sheffield, which then turned to heavy snow made for quite an interesting journey. Very glad to slither back into London after about 9 hours behind the wheel.
  • A beautiful bike ride this morning, plotting some of the route for my summer charity challenge ride. Lovely weather, but rather too long checking the map and discovering that certain marked roads don’t actually go anywhere. But then, that’s why I’m doing the route finding now, rather than on the day!
  • Very much enjoying the Ashes series. For obvious reasons. Thought this piece particularly amusing, as hindsight’s a wonderful thing! Also enjoyed Aggers finally doing the sprinkler, something I’ve been anticipating for many weeks. I’ve been tickled by the notion of him practising in his hotel room in advance of the big moment.
  • Just got in from a friend’s birthday drinks in the West End, and a good catch up with everyone I’ve not seen over Christmas and the New Year.

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