This Week I are Mostly Been….

Wet FeetGolfer leaves swing a bit late, and nearly ends up with very wet feet.
  • Spending Monday to Friday at Praia Del Rey in Portugal shooting a years worth of instruction content for Golf Monthly. The Pro’s were superb, as always, the hotel and staff were excellent, and the course was in a superb position, and looked beautiful. Unfortunately, the weather was, frankly, atrocious, which made things quite hard work. Still, we got it all done, but it would have looked much better, and been mush easier to shoot in bright sunny weather.
  • Shooting the Race your Pace event at Dorney Lakes for Fast Track. I was primarily there to get some up to date images of Liz Yelling, but inevitably ended up getting lots of shots of the event as well. I was very impressed with Liz’s ability to put up with the incredibly cold weather, whilst wearing only skimpy running gear, plus she’d run 24 miles that morning in training. Dorney Lake’s still a boring place to shoot though….
  • And that’s about it, as there wasn’t much time for anything else. Managed to use the gym briefly a couple of times whilst in Portugal, but besides that, not a lot else to report.

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