This Week I are Mostly Been….

Horseplay March 2011
Myself and Simon, clean, dry, and still quite warm. A situation that didn’t last very long during last night’s Horseplay 10K.
  • Running the Hambledon Horseplay last night. Very good fun indeed, and very tough in places, but all the more enjoyable because for the first time in several years I was at an event of that sort, and could just concentrate on running, rather than getting hundreds of shots and carting about lots of camera gear!
  • Shooting some instruction for Women and Golf up at Mill Green Golf Club.
  • Taking some shots of Mo Farah for Fast Track at Brunel University. By ‘eck he can run fast. Had a nice celebrity moment when I asked the sprinting coach who was training a group on track if we’d be in his way, only to realise I was talking to Linford Christie!
  • Having a lot of pancakes with some mates on Pancake Day.
  • Catching up with family for some Tapas, coincidentally right next door to Urban Kings, where I was shooting last Saturday.
  • Photographing Bernard Gallacher at Wentworth for Golf Care Insurance. He was the very essence of professionalism, although we nearly got stranded on a back road in the Wentworth Estate when our buggy ran out of battery power.
  • Shooting some Winter Instruction for Golf Monthly with John Jacobs over at Cumberwell Park.

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