This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Shooting a reportage story on Tri-UK, the biggest Triathlon shop in the world, down in Yeovil for Triathlete’s World. A seriously impressive place, and I’m glad I left my wallet in the car!
  • Shooting a Kettlebells feature for Men’s Fitness at the Lemonade Factory
  • Training with London Wasps for Men’s Fitness. The Skills and Gym tests were fairly tough on the journalist, but the final anaerobic test was an absolute killer. I went out for a run that night, and tried to incorporate it, and ended up walking rather than sprinting.
  • Going to the launch of World Book Night at Trafalger Square. Truly superb evening, despite the cold. Readings from John Le Carre, Phillip Pullman, Margaret Attwood, Alan Bennet, Nick Cave, Stanley Tucci, Suggs, Rupert Everett, and Mark Haddon, along with about 20 others. If you ever get the chance to hear Phillip Pullman read any of his stuff, don’t miss it, he’s superb. It’s a shame Boris Johnson showed up, but thankfully he was met with a healthy dose of booing, though sadly nothing more lethal.
  • Running my fastest 10K yet. Don’t get too excited, it’s still over 50 minutes….
  • Shooting a Strength and Conditioning Seminar given by JC Santana at Urban Kings for Men’s Fitness. The morning session was a little boring, from a photographic point of view, but once he had everyone doing deadlifts and cleans with other people’s body weight it got much more fun!
  • Headed off to Birmingham today to photograph a training session with the Runner’s World Super 6. It almost felt like the first proper day of spring.
  • And the new website is now working, although I think I still need to get the webdiversion/DNS routing sorted out, as it’s not showing up properly. But at least it appears when you type the address in!

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