This Week I are Mostly Been….

33 Boroughs 2011Crossing the North Circular, about 13 Boroughs in…
  • After all the kerfuffle, I’ve done the 33 Boroughs ride – with a lot of help. Pierre joined me for the full 33, my sister Bec, and our mate Danie joined in about half way round, and at various other points, Simone Hardy, Godfrey Edwards, and my brother Sam joined in too, plus we were met by a hefty reception committee in the pub at the end. The weather was gorgeous, all the route finding rides paid dividends, as we could just concentrate on the cycling rather than map-reading, and we’ve so far raised over ¬£1000 for Crohns and Colitis. Top notch all round I say. There are lots of snaps on Facebook, and a few on the Just Giving page, if you haven’t yet shoved some money our way, please do!
  • Another secret shoot for Men’s Health, details of which I can’t tell you, except that it’s linked to the last one.
  • A very pleasant and enjoyable shoot with Tatjana Pasilic for WPT magazine. She was a diamond to work with, and we got some great stuff from the day.
  • An “Everyday Hero” shoot for Men’s Fitness, which doesn’t look like much yet, but once the illustrator has done his work it’ll be amazing.
  • And a very pleasant overnight trip down to Portsmouth for Easter.

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