This Week I are Mostly Been….

Women's Studio FitnessA shot from Tuesday’s test shoot – lots more to come on my Flickr stream when I get a spare moment.

  • Just got in from shooting the London Marathon for Fast Track, from the start to the finish (well, not literally – I got the tube for lots of it…) A truly awesome day as always – if you’ve never been along to spectate, I highly recommend it, as there’s nothing quite like the impact 36,000 runners can have on a city.
  • Spent yesterday with London Blitz American Football team at one of their training camps in Essex, shooting a feature for Men’s Fitness. I can now say that I know a bit more about American Football than I did previously, but I’ll still never understand why anyone would ever choose it over a real sport like Rugby….
  • Shooting some training reportage stuff for Men’s Health. I can’t tell you what, because it’s very secret. Quite why, I’m not sure.
  • Spending an extremely productive day in the Lemonade Factory on Tuesday shooting a test for the portfolio with Lucinda Insall Jones. It’s the first time in a very long time I’ve actually put aside a whole day for personal work, and in future it’s the only way I’ll do it – no more squeezing tests in at the end of commercial jobs.
  • Shooting an update to the Men’s Fitness Home Workout book we produced 2 years ago, at the Lemonade Factory.
  • Going dancing, and catching up with old friends.
  • Going to see Hamlet at the National Theatre. Superb. That’s my one word review.

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