This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Getting in some more training for my 33 Boroughs ride, which is now only 2 weeks away. Managed to get round my “Sunday circuit” of 35 miles in 2 hours 17, which is a new PB.
  • Shooting a Centenary Golf Day at Hanbury Manor for Golf Monthly in pretty shoddy weather.
  • Followed by shooting another day for them at Sunningdale in truly wonderful Spring sunshine. Despite being a non-golfer, I can agree with much of the golfing world in thinking that Sunningdale is one of the most attractive golf courses in the world.
  • Getting a puncture on the car, which has ended up costing me quite a lot of money. Couldn’t stop anywhere safe when I discovered it, so had to drive about half a mile on a flat to change it – meaning that when I got to the garage later in the day I needed a brand new tyre rather than a quick repair/re-inflate. Pricey. Situation made even worse by the fact that at some point when changing the wheel I lost the key to the locking wheel nut, and am now stuck with my space saver on the car until Peugeot can get me a new one. They don’t seem in any hurry either.
  • Photographing Chris Moorman for Bluff at the Lemonade Factory. The shoot was booked, then cancelled, then re-booked, then re-cancelled, only to be suddenly re-started at about 12.15 on the day. It just goes to show how no matter how much experience you’ve got, a few cock ups in the chain of communication can lead to all sorts of havoc.
  • Just off out to a very old friend’s for a Cocktail evening, shall find it very hard to go easy on the booze, despite the fact I’m shooting tomorrow, as he makes a mean Manhattan.

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