This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Obviously too busy watching the new season of Lewis to write this up on Sunday evening. I’m SO rock n’ roll.
  • Shooting this years collection of “guinea pigs” for Triathlete’s World at Excel London.
  • Finding some extremely promising woody, lumpy bits to ride up and down around Shooter’s Hill on a beautiful Spring morning.
  • Spending a day at NUCA again to offer critique on the work the students have done since we set them a brief 3 weeks ago. On the whole very promising stuff indeed, though 7 hours of solid critiques gets a little tiring!
  • Playing Squash for the first time in ages.
  • Getting the car back from the menders – although I’ve not driven it long enough to know if they’ve fixed the bits they were supposed to fix yet.
  • Putting all the finishing touches to my 33 London Boroughs Bike Ride. So, after all that route finding and planning, it’s finally ready to go. On either Saturday or Sunday of the Easter weekend I’ll be trying to cycle round all 33 London Boroughs in a day, a route that covers 105 miles. The Just Giving page is here, please donate anything you can to help Crohns and Colitis, and a map of the route is here, if you’re interested.

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