A couple of Fitness Videos

Just a quickie, as 2 videos by Men’s Fitness just got released, and thought they might be of interest.

First off is the video from the Fencing shoot I did back in March:

Fencing Video

You can see my flash going off a lot, and a handful of the shots are from my D300s, which we rigged up as a 2nd camera on a tripod.

Next is the Roger Gracie video from 2 weeks ago. It’s a bit PR heavy, but you do get to see Joel (MF’s features Editor, with whom I’ve shot many jobs) getting chucked about like a rag doll, and hear my shutter going at 8 fps:

Roger Gracie

Apparently you should drink Relentless too. I had a can after the shoot, and given my tolerance of caffeine, I was high as a kite for several hours afterwards!

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