This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Shooting a “Beach Body” Supplement, at the Lemonade Factory, for Men’s Fitness, including building a beach in the studio.
  • Heading up to Hollins Hall in Leeds to photograph a centenary day for Golf Monthly.
  • Shooting a “Hotel Room Workout” for Men’s Fitness at the Sanderson Hotel, in London’s fashionable West End.
  • Having a family get together in Harold Wood, lovely to see everyone, and a shame it doesn’t happen more often.
  • Spending 3 days at Golf Live shooting anybody who fancied it for the cover of Golf Monthly – £5 got you a mocked up cover in a PDF you can print out (all shot by my fair hand), a Cobra cap, a sharpie, 2 golf books, and £2 donated to the Golf foundation. Such good value that, despite shooting over 100 people in 3 days we still didn’t make much money, so Simon and I won’t be eating dinner this week.
  • Not sleeping enough. Tired now.

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