This Week I are Mostly Been….

St AndrewsSt Andrews, from the Castle Course. I darkened the sky down, but only slightly…
  • Frankly, all I’ve got to report is that I’ve spent most of the week up at St Andrews (maybe I should have stayed in Scotland for convenience!) shooting a new R+A Rules book for Octopus Publishing. We were based at the new, and very impressive Castle Course, which you’d never believe was only a field 4 years ago. Since we were illustrating specific rules situations we were perpetually trying to find precise things like a Rabbit hole next to a gorse bush within sight of a green and so on. We were pretty lucky with the weather, apart from Friday when we had to do a fair bit of stopping and starting. I managed to eat Thai Haggis as well, which I can highly recommend if you ever get the chance!


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