This Week I are Mostly Been…

OtterThe Otter which spent 2 hours frolicking in front of our cottage on Saturday, taken by shoving my compact camera up to the eyepiece of the telescope, hence the odd quality.
  • Shooting an outdoor fitness feature for Men’s Fitness with Gavin Walsh, all very good stuff, particularly since I’m a big fan of fitness that doesn’t involve expensive equipment and pricey Gym Memberships.
  • Shooting a superb Triathlon feature at Blenheim Palace before they were open to the public, for Triathlete’s World. It’s a truly stunning place anyway, but all the more impressive when there’s no-one there early on a beautiful morning.
  • Working with Roger Gracie at his Academy, for Men’s Fitness. There’s always a quiet confidence about experienced martial artists that I find very impressive, and Roger was no exception.
  • Heading up to Scotland for a holiday with the folks. We’ve so far had 3 days of 20+ degrees, unbroken sunshine, Otters performing in front of the cottage, Golden Eagles, Mink, Ringed Plover, Buzzards, and everything else Scotland has to offer. Including Sheep ticks. Very contented.


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