These Weeks I are Mostly Been….

Jim FletcherJames Fletcher, 1977-2011.

  • On the 25th of May (my 34th Birthday), one of my oldest and closest friends, James (Jim) Fletcher, passed away. 2 years ago he contracted colitis, but seemed to have recovered and dealt with it fairly well. On the day of the 33 boroughs ride, we called in to see him, as he lived about 100 yards from the route. He was suffering a bit of a relapse, but when I spoke to him 2 days later he said he’d been to see the consultant, and was being taken care of. Sadly, things didn’t get much better for a couple of weeks, and he was re-admitted to hospital, where a scan revealed he had a blood clot in his bowel. They operated, and ended up removing most of his bowel. He was placed in intensive care, where he suffered kidney failure, contracted septicaemia, and at one point even his heart stopped. After fighting very hard for 2 and a half weeks he finally passed away. Having known him 23 years, and been very close to him for 19 of those I feel the loss terribly, and my deepest sympathies are with his family and his many other friends. If you haven’t done so already, please donate some money to Crohns and Colitis, via my JustGiving page, in the hope that in time, diseases like this will become better understood and treatments will be found.
  • Besides that, I’ve been a right busy sod:
  • Shooting the Pro-Am at the BMW PGA at Wentworth with Soren Hansen for Golf Monthly.
  • Shooting another Pro-Am for GM, this time the inaugural Powerplay at Celtic manor, with Ian Poulter.
  • Working with Martin Rooney, who was very inspirational, and a true professional to work with, for Men’s Fitness.
  • Shooting lots of stuff for Runner’s World up in Sheffield – can’t talk about it just yet, as it’s not for public release right now.
  • Shooting some action shots and portraits of Ed Clancy at the Manchester Velodrome, for Men’s Fitness.
  • A quick shoot with this year’s Triathlete’s World Guinea Pigs down on Wimbledon Common.
  • And a visit to the Paul Graham Exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery this morning. First half superb, second half much less so, in my humble opinion.


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