This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Winning the pub quiz with just 2 of us. Nice.
  • Shooting a feature for Golf Monthly at Gainsborough Golf Club, followed by a tour round the Ping factory.
  • Spending the day (and most of the evening) with the Golf Monthly boys and many guests at Hillside Golf Club in Southport. A very beautiful spot, but it’s a shame it’s so far from London when you leave at 10pm after a long day.
  • Shooting lots of workout stuff for Health and Fitness at Reebok Club.
  • Going to a birthday picnic in Hyde Park.
  • Going for a meandering bike ride for the first time in ages – it’s too hot to go out and do serious mileage.
  • Teaching an assistant training course at Calumet Drummond St. Fairly small numbers for the first course, but that made it easier to give proper hands on demonstrations of lots of equipment.
  • Shooting reportage of the Men’s Health Cover Model competition 2011 at the Worx Studio.

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