This Week I are Mostly Been….

Street League GraduationCesc Fabregas (he’s tucked away in the back row) and some of his Street League fans in the Garden of No 10 Downing Street.

  • Started the week at Number 10 Downing street for a Street League Graduation Ceremony. They’re No 10 charity of the year, and besides having the great Cesc Fabregas on hand to present each graduation certificate, and Adrian Chiles at the lectern, they met both Dave Cameron and the Spanish Prime Minister, whose name now escapes me. Not a bad day for them, though I can confirm the Big Dave is every bit as smug in real life as he appears on TV. I really did have to contain myself at one point, thankfully I wasn’t carrying my monopod….
  • Coming a surprise 2nd in the pub quiz. We were trailing miserably at half time, but came roaring from behind (fnar) to scoop a bottle of booze.
  • Heading up to Derbyshire for another Golf Monthly Centenary day. Best Bacon Sandwich in a long time.
  • Getting some new lights from Calumet. Gosh things have moved on from my (still going) Esprit Mark II’s that I bought 13 years ago!
  • Going to see Captain America. Very entertaining, and all the more so since I was on set way back in November. I’ve wandered around the cockpit of the flying wing, and watched the scene in the factory where they jump the gap being filmed. Aren’t I cool?
  • Hugely enjoying the Trentbridge Test Match. An amazing performance from Stuart Broad, and then Ian Bell’s game of Hokey-Cokey kept us all on our toes. England look well set up for a win now. 2-0 up is a good start to the series.
  • Spending this morning at the London Triathlon for Triathlete’s World, as it was the big event their “Fab Four” had been training for. They all did superbly well, but I’d like to hereby lodge a criticism that the London Tri really, really needs to sort it’s signage out – I know the area round Excel pretty well, but a contradictory set of signs saying “diversion” and “Road Closed” can, and will cause havoc. Muppets.
  • Just got in from a very hot ride on the bike, a reminder why I normally go early in the morning…..



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