This Week I are Mostly Been….

  • Just got in from Verdi’s Requiem at the Proms. Superb performance, despite the bloke in the seat next to me falling asleep several times (not during the Dies Irae I might point out), and a rather wasted huge drum which made almost no sound at all when struck.
  • Spending the day with Padraig Harrington and some Golf Monthly competition winners at Carton House in Ireland. Lovely spot, but as always, I wasn’t around long enough to enjoy it.
  • Going to the National Maritime Museum again, this time to sample the “High Arctic” exhibition. Wonderful stuff, and I highly recommend it – wandering round in the dark with an ultraviolet torch that melts the digital snow and ice around you is quite a unique experience.
  • Heading up to Manchester for another Golf Monthly centenary day at Worsley park. Didn’t get wet once.
  • Very much enjoying what I’ve caught of the first test against India – proper back and forth stuff.
  • And we’re not mentioning the pub quiz this week. OK?

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