This Week I are Mostly Been….

Muddy Helmet
The back of a very muddy helmet, an indication of what the rest of me was like, let alone the state of my bike.

    • Shooting lots of video equipment reviews for Golf Monthly down at the Wisley. Obviously I’ve no idea what the gear was, but it was very interesting to shoot nothing but video all day – no stills apart from a couple of quick frames towards the end. Learnt lots, and still need to do some work on the sound side of things.
    • Going for a very enjoyable and very wet 50 mile bike ride yesterday, down to Bromley, back up through Catford and out Crayford, then home along the river. Once I’d got wet it seemed daft to turn for home, so I rode for another couple of hours soaked to the skin. Nice.
  • Taking a portrait of an Ironman Triathlete for Triathlon Plus Magazine. Since it was a young lady, I feel it should be “Iron Lady” Triathlete, but that simply conjures up too many images of Margaret Thatcher, and that’s not a good thing. Ever.
  • Working with the marvellous Chris Tomlinson up at The Lea Valley Athletics centre for Men’s Fitness. Top bloke, and predictably able to bound about the place like a superhero.
  • Nipped down to the London Honey Festival, which was sweet.
  • More swimming lessons, I almost think I’m getting a grip on it.
  • And obviously, enjoying the cricket. One sided it may be, but frankly I’m willing to overlook that and revel in the fact that we’re the best team in the world at the moment.


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