This Week I are Mostly Been….


Car in the RainDean Macey, wisely wearing his hard hat, and stealing my cereal bars, on a very wet day outside Battersea Power Station.

  • Spending a very wet morning in the environs of Battersea Power Station shooting some promotional images for the last race in this year’s Men’s Health Survival series. For the first time there will be a race in London, based in the power station itself, and it looks like it’ll be fantastic fun. Despite the appalling weather our models (Dean Macey and several folk from Stars Gym) soldiered on, and we got some great shots, although I ended up very muddy and very wet – kind of like the racers will on the day of the event….
  • Headed over to St Pierre in Wales to photograph the last of the Golf Monthly Centenary Days. Lovely weather, and I believe a good time was had by all, though it’s quite a trek there and back in a day with many hours of golf in between.
  • Going to a good but not great Prom on Friday night. Had very high hopes for Mahler’s 2nd, and the Simon Bolivar Orchestra had a great reputation. Unfortunately, playing as fast as they did, with very sloppy solos from the woodwind and brass, along with vocalists who could barely be heard, and overly loud offstage sections, all took the shine off it somewhat. Still a superb piece, and the finale managed to be pretty awesome, but overall a bit disappointing.
  • Started swimming lessons, so that I can actually learn how to do front crawl properly at last, rather than running out of breath after 100m! So far so good, although predictably now I’m being taught correct form I’ve realised how bad I’ve been all these years, and my legs are knackered!
  • Going to a friends Fancy Dress 30th birthday. The theme was childhood obsessions, and I shall let you guess what I went as.
  • And hugely enjoying the 2nd test against India. England appear to be unstoppable on current form, let’s hope it continues!

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