This Week I are Mostly Been….

Laura KickboxingLaura working out some of her frustrations in her soon-to-be new home.

  • Shooting a Powerplay Golf tournament at the Grove for Golf Monthly. Very pleasant to actually be shooting a location job in decent weather for once.
  • Taking my lady and her best mate to Champneys for the day. It sounded lovely, but not really my sort of thing, so I went for a wonderful 18 mile hike around the Sussex hills instead. Truly beautiful country that I’d hardly paid any attention to before, I may well be returning in future!
  • Shooting a test shoot in an underground toilet in Crystal Palace, with a kickboxing model. The loo will soon be home to my friend Laura, once she’s converted the place, but just before she starts work on it, I took the opportunity to shoot it in it’s current derelict state.
  • And I’ve just got in from the shooting the final of the Men’s Fitness/British Military Fitness Beat the Instructor Final at Wasps training ground. I didn’t enjoy the driving rain very much, but was impressed by the effort the competitors put in. Not sure I’d have been able to complete any of the sets of exercises, no matter how long they gave me, and the competitors had to do it to a time limit.

(edit – I wrote this on Sunday night, and somehow forgot to press “publish”. Fool)


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