Just Lately I are Mostly Been….

Survival Nottingham – it’s no use holding your hair up m’lady, you’re about to get very wet indeed…
  • Same old excuse I’m afraid – I keep working weekends until late on a Sunday night, and am just too knacked to put finger to keyboard.  Mind you, better that than being bored out of my skull!
  • Have been to both Nottingham and Edinburgh to shoot 2 more of the Men’s Health Survival Races.  As always, lots of muddy, sweaty, gritty fun, tempered only slightly by the rather crap weather in Nottingham – my camera bag is still very dirty 10 days and a few jobs later.
  • Shooting LOTS of instruction stuff for Women and Golf magazine down at Midhurst GC with the lovely Katie Dawkins.  It’s such a beautiful spot, but by ‘eck did we squeeze a lot into one day’s shoot.
  • Covering the Great Yorkshire Run for Runner’s World and Powerade.  It was fairly hilly for a 10K course, but then, it was Sheffield, and finding a flat bit of Sheffield is a bit tricky!
  • Popping over to Portugal for 48 hours for Golf Monthly to shoot some interviews and instruction with a few European Tour Players at the Portugese Masters.  The hotel was very posh indeed, but typically I wasn’t around long enough to take any real advantage of it, nor did I remember to pack my trunks to make use of the 4 swimming pools they had on site.  Bugger.
  • Taking the portfolio out for a walk a bit.
  • Catching up with an old friend for the first time in far too long.  Just wish it hadn’t been between 2 jobs, and we could have spent more time catching up.
  • Having a meeting about some lecturing for next year – I may well be doing another university tour folks, so watch this space.
  • Finally starting to dabble in video editing after having purchased Premiere Pro.  Takes a bit of getting your head round (Codecs?  Why do they have to be so complicated?) but I’m getting to grips with the basics pretty quickly.  Does rather highlight the fact that I need a new computer though…..

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