Just recently I are mostly been…

Attack of the killer traffic cones at Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest
  • Too exhausted every Sunday night to post the usual stuff, so my apologies for that.
  • Completing the Inaugural “Ride Around London” sportive last Sunday.  115 miles of quite hilly riding (route here), and then a nice easy 18 mile ride home.  Bits of me have never been so sore, and hopefully never will be again, but it was a superb ride.  The achievement only really began to sink in the other day when driving back from a shoot in Wales and I saw a sign on the M4 that said “London 117 miles”, whilst we were still in Wales, and I thought with some surprise that I could actually ride that….
  • Going to the Royal Festival Hall to hear the London Philharmonia perform Sibelius’ Kullervo Symphony.  It’s one of my favourites, and is hardly ever performed.  Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed, as they were superb.
  • Winning the pub quiz, rather by surprise, but a win all the same.
  • Travelling up to Manchester to photography Andy Deer and Damon Sansum for Multipower at the National Taekwondo Centre.  We had quite a lot to get done in a not-enormous amount of time, but we managed it all, as they’re very professional lads, even when fighting a little injured.
  • Shooting Eoghan O’Dea for Bluff at the Lemonade Factory.
  • Shooting an Olympic Bookazine for Men’s Fitness at the Lemonade Factory.
  • Finishing my course of swimming lessons.  Feel hugely improved, but would like the local pool to offer something beyond “improvers” that I’ve just finished.  I have a suspicion that anything beyond that is going to get expensive!
  • And finally, heading over to Cardiff for the first of this year’s Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest races.  Fantastic fun as always, and this year the temperature was in the high 20’s.  3 more to go now – Nottingham next weekend, Edinburgh after that, then London in mid November.

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