This week I are mostly been…

Getting stuck in to the MovNat workshop – any chance to swing about on some bars and behave like an infant…
  • Spending 2 days down in Cornwall with the awesome guys at Survival Wisdom shooting a story for Shortlist magazine.  As we all know, I jump at the chance to spend time mucking about in the woods, building fires and shelters, and generally acting like I’m still a boy scout.  The guys were superb, and we were pretty lucky with the weather – it’s just a shame the venue was so far away!
  • Shooting another workshop down at Optimal Life Fitness for Men’s Fitness, this time based on MovNat.  I had the pleasure 2 years ago of spending a few days in Corsica with Erwan Le Corre, the founder of MovNat, and though it wasn’t him teaching the course. it was pretty good stuff, and lots of it made me realise how many things we’re all probably doing wrong in our daily lives that won’t be doing our health any favours.
  • Having dinner with the family.
  • Playing squash for the first time in ages.
  • Going out for some birthday drinks.
  • Having more meetings about next year’s lecture tour – will finally get something moving on that front in the next week.
  • And getting started on my long overdue personal project – should be shooting the first portrait this Wednesday.
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