This Week I are Mostly Been…

  • Just got in from shooting the Greensand Marathon for Runner’s World – making it my 4th weekend working in a row.  Bit tired at the mo.  The run looked fantastic though, along a very scenic part of the Surrey Hills, and the weather was perfect too.  I shot some video as well, which will be up on the RW site very soon hopefully.
  • Spending Saturday shooting a Kettlebell training course with Mike Mahler for Men’s Fitness with the guys from Fitter London.  Very impressive stuff, particularly when he progressed to stacking the kettlebells on top of each other – not sure I could even hold them like that, let alone lift them.
  • Went to a friend’s housewarming party in their swanky new flat in London’s Fashionable East End.  Couldn’t stay long due to exhaustion…
  • Catching up with 2 old friends after far too long a gap.
  • Shooting a supplement for a bookazine I originally shot 2 years ago for Health and Fitness.
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