This Week I are Mostly Been….

1 hours, 3 minutes.  Not bad, but even better when you consider I’d already been shooting for 5 hours with 15KG of gear on my back.
  • Helping to set up, shooting, then finally running in the 4th and final Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Race at Battersea Power Station.  This one was the biggest yet with more than 7000 people running the 10K/15 obstacle course.  Besides all the usual obstacle and assault course bits, there were sections inside Battersea Power Station, and a very cold, wet and muddy ice/mud/swimming pool section.  I was very pleased to finally get to run in one, having photographed every single event since 2008.  It took me several obstacles to stop reaching over to protect my camera as I clambered over, under and through things, but once I realised I didn’t have to worry about expensive gear hanging round my neck I had a fantastic time.  Bring on next year!
  • Heading down to Portsmouth to photograph an Only Fools and Horses Convention for Shortlist magazine.  It was a bit odd, to be honest.  I’ve never seen so many people queue so patiently just to get autographs, but if it keeps them happy…..

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