This Week I are mostly been…

The small black dot is me, freezing my nads off on Saturday evening.
  • Spending the weekend down in Devon.  Some lovely walks, very good food, a great run along the cliffs, a mental bonfire night/fireworks display and a swim out in the Atlantic on Saturday evening.  Can highly recommend the latter if for any reason, you’re feeling too hot and want parts of you to retreat back into your body for an indefinite period of time.
  • Attending a video training course with the guys at Golf Monthly over in Bearwood Lakes given by the folk at Alfi Media.  I learnt a great deal of stuff, and it felt great to actually be sitting down and learning something for once, rather than teaching.
  • Heading up to St Andrews for Golf Monthly to take some portraits of the R+A.  Had the amusing experience of taking a portrait of someone holding a book for which I’d done the pictures.  Still a bit of an effort to get up there and back within a day.
  • Taking a portrait of a wonderful couple in their 70’s who are still running marathons, for Runner’s World.
  • Shooting a sports drills feature and some portraits of Rashad Evans at Stars Gym for Men’s Fitness magazine.  He was a dream to work with, and it’s a cracking venue as well, may well be shooting there again in the future.
  • Making a start on a personal project by taking a portrait of the marvellous Liv Philip the Freediver at my local pool.  She made another record attempt on Saturday evening, but I’ve yet to find out how she got on.

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