So that was 2011…

Shooting the wonderful Liv Boeree last week in a Rolls Royce Garage.
…And very fine it was too.  I’ll stick to just photography, rather than any personal stuff, since that’s what this blog’s supposed to be about.  In no particular order, some highlights have included:
  • Shooting over 120 jobs – not bad during a recession.
  • Getting to 100 magazine covers.  They’re all shot, but 98, 99 and 100 won’t be published until perhaps February 2012, so you’ll have to wait until then for the proper blog post, and suitably big montage.
  • Starting to dip my toe into shooting video, and charging for it, as well as learning the rudiments of editing, sound and so on.  All very promising stuff, and although I don’t have the same excitement about the moving image than I do the still, it’s something I can’t, nor do I want to, ignore.
  • Some superb adventures – survival training, and training with the Royal Marines, hordes of celebs and top athlete’s, the Men’s Health Survival series – including the chance to actually run in one this time, the usual amount of travel – both nationally and internationally, and all sorts of odd situations – the Only Fools and Horses convention, shooting in an underground toilet, inside Battersea Power Station and the Playboy Club.
More of the same next year please, but with a few less “last minute panic” jobs, a bit more time to plan stuff, and perhaps some new gear, as some of mine is starting to show it’s age after 3 and a bit years of very heavy use.  I also suspect there’ll be a lot more video knocking around too.
I also promise (you’ll have heard this before) that I’ll make more effort with actual learning type stuff for the blog, as it’s what it’s supposed to be here for after all.  I’ve got a few lectures coming up with Calumet in the New Year, and that should help kick start me into finishing the countless educational pieces that are all currently 75% written.
Have a great holiday, I’m certainly looking forward to some down time, and I’ll be back in 2012.

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