Tom the “Globe Trotting Photographer”.

To paraphrase Alan Partridge “not my words, but the words of Altostratus!”
Quite an amusing blog post – I’ve never quite been described in such glowing terms, (scroll down for the bit that’s not me writing) and all I did was rent the location and shoot a Poker Player!  Lovely location though – honest, even though I’ve been asked to recommend it.  Just wish it hadn’t been foggy that day.
And in truth, I am a bit globe-trotting at the moment – got back from a week in Abu Dhabi just over a week ago, am off to Spain at the crack of dawn tomorrow, and there are rumours of a New York trip next month, but best of all I’m off to Newcastle and Scotland at the end of this month to give some lectures.  I’ll take the North over somewhere like Abu Dhabi any and every day of the week!

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