In 2012 I are Mostly Been…

Yeah, so I’ve not exactly been posting my usual weekly newsy post have I?  Sorry about that, I know you all miss it, but the simple reason is that I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been before, plus I’ve worked so many weekends that by Sunday night I’m often not in the mood to talk about Photography any more!
Between January 1st and the end of last week I did a grand total of 48 shoots, as well as 7 lectures as far afield as Glasgow and Norwich.  Ticked off Abu Dhabi and Spain on the travel list, as well as a huge amount of UK mileage.
Mike Causer, from a personal shoot back in February.
A few brief highlights:
  • Various Race Reports for Runner’s World – the Devon CTS, The Cambridge Half, The Hastings Half, and the Fred Hughes 10 Miler.  Devon was definitely my favourite – fantastic setting, and proper trail running stuff.
  • Running the Hambleden horseplay, just like last year.  Cracking fun, although twice as busy as last year, which made for a few more bottlenecks in various places.
  • Finding out that my “bad back” is caused by having quite a hefty hip rotation, itself probably caused by 19 years of humping heavy gear all over the place.  Work is currently in place to correct all this, and with any luck I’ll emerge out the other side stronger than ever.
  • Giving 7 lectures as part of a mini Calumet Lecture tour.  Newcastle College, University of East London, City of Glasgow College, Reid Kerr, Edinburgh Stevenson, Norwich University College of the Arts, and my Alma Mater – Tresham College.  Very satisfying as always, and some seriously impressive attempts at the brief.  I also taught a lighting workshop, which worked far better than I thought it would.
  • Meeting the usual cracking collection of sports/fitness types – Nigel Levine, Ben Swift, the Runner’s World heroes who’ll have to remain un-named until the article is out, Fran Halsall, Tom Parsons, Holly Bleasedale, Andy Turner and so on…
  • Being involved in a reality TV show.  It’s called the Exclusives, and it’s on ITV2 sometime in May.  Promises to be quite amusing.
  • Some very good features for Golf Monthly – with Miguel Jiminez, Tom Lewis, and Danny Denison.
  • Shooting 2 ipad/iphone apps for Golf Monthly.  Am steadily doing more and more video, and getting a little better at working with it.
  • Shooting a few personal and test shoots, one of which you can see above.
  • Shooting a couple of poker covers for WPT and Bluff.
  • Having a new kitchen put in.  Although it was finished more than a month ago I’ve hardly had a chance to use it yet….

I think from here on in, weekly posts will get less and less common.  For regular news, twitter is probably a better place to go.  I’m still not 100% with it, and there are some clients who have an embargo on talking about shoots when they’re still in progress, but I find it pretty useful for day to day stuff!

And, as always, I promise I’ll try and write a bit more genuinely useful stuff soon!


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