Sports Photography Masterclass

On the 8th and 9th August I’ll be teaching a Sports Photography Masterclass at the Getty Images Gallery in London’s fashionable West End.  It’s in conjunction with CNN, and also my old friends at Nikon.  Registration is free, and you can sign up here, although it sounds like places are filling up fast.

I’ll be doing the same talk in each of the 5 sessions, and I’ll be covering:

  • Essential gear – obvious stuff like fast lenses, as well as less obvious but equally important gubbins.
  • Technique – camera handling and optimum settings, as well as some basic but universally useful shooting techniques
  • Lighting – more awareness based than pure technique, as action sports photography generally lends itself to situations where you can’t control the light.
  • Shooting Sports Events – lots of hard-won advice on how to shoot sporting events, big or small, 
  • And in true Photosmudger style, I’ll round it off with examples of my own work which illustrate the various points I’ve made, and take things beyond the basics.
I’ve had to pitch the talk to a very wide audience, as anyone can sign up, so there may be bits that are too basic for some, but I can guarantee there will also be bits that are challenging to others!  Hope to see you there.

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