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It was twenty years ago today….

..yeah, I know I usually post this every year, but I couldn’t resist this time round – 1st February 1993 was my first day at the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph on work experience, and in truth I’ve never really looked back since.

Hardest game in the world, man and boy/things aren’t like they used to be/kids these days don’t know they’re born/all this was just fields when I was younger/I used to be able to buy 5 rolls of Tri-X, a lightmeter, a box of 10×8″ multigrade, a Nikon FM and still have change from a fiver.  And so on.

I’m not about to give in to reminisces, as, to be honest, I haven’t got the time!  Which brings me onto what I actually want to talk about briefly, which is how little I’ve been posting lately.  The reason for this is the usual one – I’m just so bloody busy shooting that writing about it/thinking about it outside of work isn’t that appealing.  I did 150 shoots last year, and 19 last month alone.  Great, smashing, wonderful to be busy, and no right to complain, but the catch is that I really don’t feel that inclined to get in off a shoot, do all the post processing, plan the next one, and then wax lyrical about various aspects of the job.  To be honest I’m happier just crashing out!

But – I do intend to change this.  I’ve got many, many posts half written, or written as drafts, and as soon as I get a little time to play with I’ll polish them off and get them posted.  I’ve also got some more teaching ideas and courses up my sleeves, so watch this space.

And here’s to 20 more years!  I would go out on the lash tonight, but I’m shooting tomorrow and Sunday, so it’s not a terribly wise idea!

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