Assistant Training Courses – Calumet Drummond Street

I took a break from them last year, but this summer I’m teaching another 3 Assistant training courses at Calumet Drummond St.  If you’re just leaving college, considering a change in career, or just starting work as an assistant this course can give you a head start.

Each day covers the following topics:

  • An overall description of the Assistant’s job – as well as the different types of assistant
  • Lots of basic do’s and dont’s as well as what could be considered “Assistant Etiquette”
  • Key Assistant skills
  • Stacks of hands on technical and equipment instruction.  We’ve got access to lots of hire equipment from Calumet, and I’ll be showing you how to rig things safely, what things are called, how you can use magic arms to impress photographers, and how to not electrocute everyone on set.  All good stuff
  • Current advice on shooting video and being a digital operator
  • Suggestions on what to carry in your own assisting kit
  • Advice on how to get work as an assistant, including the perfect CV
  • And last, but definitely not least, some basic business studies stuff that will help you set up as self-employed, and ideally keep you in business for as long as possible!

You can book your place here, and the dates for the courses are the  17th June, the 29th June, and the 27th June, and they’re all taking place at Calumet Drummond Street for the bargain price of £30 for the day.

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