This Week I are Mostly Been…

  • Mucking around on HMS Duncan, for Golf Monthly (of all people) in collaboration with Galvin Green, Premium Golf and the Royal Navy Golf Team.  Highlights of the day included shooting from the Missile Silo, shooting from the bridge whilst waving to the passing tourist boats, and trying to avoid “Hatch Rash” whilst carting my gear round the cramped confines of a Type 45 Destroyer!
  • Shooting a couple of features with Michael Page, who is basically a Ninja, and a thoroughly lovely chap to boot, at London Shootfighters in association with those nice people at Multipower.
  • Spending Friday shooting a branding and marketing seminar run by Jon Lipsey.  Whilst it was aimed primarily at fitness professionals, the information was of such good quality, and it’s such an overlooked area, that I think pretty much any self-employed person would benefit from a day like this one.
  • Getting myself, and my camera gear very wet and muddy shooting the Dirty Weekend, for those Rat Race folks.  At one point I tiptoed out across a floating pontoon, slipped, and half fell into the lake up to my knees, at which point I thought, Sod It, went back to the bank, emptied my pockets, stripped off one camera, and went wading out into the lake with everyone else for about 15 minutes.  I know why they all looked shocked when they jumped in – the water in the lake was NOT heated.
Dirty WeekendThe Dirty Weekend – some shots only available from within the lake!

And I’m off to bed fairly early, as I’ve got a VERY long week ahead of me!

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