Upcoming Courses at the Nikon School

So, a couple of months back I was talking about teaching some courses at the Nikon School in London, and after a bit of mucking about, in which they had a break in, and I had stacks of work, we’ve finally got some dates in the diary.  2 are confirmed, and the third is just being finalised as we speak.

Nikon SchoolAn expectant seminar room at the Nikon School….

First up, on the 28th November, a one day Introduction to Editorial Magazine Photography.  You can go and read (and book) all about it via the link, but in a nutshell:

• Working Editorially – working to briefs, developing flexibility, liaising with art directors, picture editors and journalists.
• Dealing with limited time and budgets – including lots of useful techniques and tricks that can produce impressive results with very little time and effort.
• Organising yourself – get all the basic production aspects right and your life will be much easier.
• Equipment for shooting editorially – a guide to what gear is essential, and what can be hired in, begged or borrowed.
• Delivery, post processing and editing – getting your workflow right will make your clients happy and allow you more time to do things beside work!
• The impact of video – what magazines are now asking for, and what you may be asked to deliver.
• An introduction to Copyright along with advice about licensing and contracts – some basic advice that will stop you losing money.
• Insights into fees, expenses, and getting paid – the stuff that everyone really wants to know. 
• Some thoughts on getting editorial work including thoughts on what should be in your portfolio – all pretty vital, and much simpler than many people expect!

Men's Health EditorialShooting a Men’s Health Feature.

The second course is called “Commercial Creativity”, and is on the 4th December.   This one’s a bit harder to immediately get your head round, but to quote what I’ve already said on the booking page:

“This workshop will discuss the importance of working with the images and artwork that inspire you, creating your own logbook that will be your constant creative companion, and the role your technical skill plays.
There are several exercises throughout the course, designed to start you thinking more creatively, and giving you starting points to develop in the future. There are also suggestions for further reading and investigation.
The course is recommended for those with some level of experience in photography, but due to the nature of the subject, is as suited to jaded and cynical professionals of many years standing, as it is to those just embarking on a professional photographic career.”

LogbookThe logbook – we’ll be talking about this a lot on the day!

The way I’m thinking of it, is that it’s an Arts Degree course in a single day, which is in no way very arrogant and presumptive of me, nope, not likely!  You can also think of it as getting an insight into the creative method, and a way of generating ideas on demand, rather than waiting for inspiration to hopefully strike!

There’s also a 3rd course, which for now is going by the name of “90 Second Portraiture”, but we’ve not got that one nailed down yet.  I’ll let you know as soon as we have though!

Be great to see some of you there, I’ve not done any teaching in a while, and it’s always very good fun.

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