2013 Black Box

2013 Black Box – Should open to a larger image, but I’m afraid you can’t click on every image within it.
It’s that time of year as always, in fact there’s only a few hours left as I write this!  Above is my “Black Box” for 2013, and to quickly recap the rules:
  • I must pick one image from each shoot, but it must be the image that speaks to me most from the shoot – not necessarily the one that the client liked best, made the cover etc.
  • No ignoring certain shoots happened….
  • And for multiple day shoots, such as trips abroad, I allow myself 1 image per day.  Days when I do more than 1 shoot, but for 2 different clients count as 2 (or more, but it’s been a while since I’ve done 3 different shoots in a day!)

So, some numbers from this year:

  • 153 shots, which is a new record total.  This is not necessarily a good thing!
  • Only 6 foreign countries travelled to – Hurrah for staying in the UK and not having to cart my gear around the world!
  • 26 Different Clients
  • Not shown are the 5 different courses I taught, some for Nikon, some for Calumet.
  • And I have no idea how many miles travelled, or shots taken.  I suppose I could look it up, but life really is too short.

On a personal note, I’m very happy with how the year’s gone, as I took some time in July to reassess things a bit, and try and get some of my direction back.  It didn’t pay off instantly, but simply taking some time out to think about things was very worthwhile, and I can highly recommend it.  

I’m just about to head out for a NYE party, so not in the clearest frame of mind for talking business, but I’m very optimistic about 2014, there are already some very interesting jobs on the horizon, and some of the personal stuff I’ve been working on is starting to bear fruit too.

Happy New Year, see you on the other side!

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