2014 Blackbox

2014 Blackbox
My “Blackbox” for 2014
So that’s another year wrapped up, and the scores are all up there in my Blackbox.  142 shoots in total, which is down from last year, but certainly doesn’t feel like it, since the bias was towards the end of the year, and I did nearly 3 months with only 1 non-shooting weekend!
Some thoughts for the year ahead, based not just on this year, but on steady accumulation of things I’m finally learning:
  • I’ve really got to work on the whole “Charge more/shoot less” concept, as I can’t manage another Autumn like 2014.  If, by the end of November, you’d approached me and said “Hey Tom, we’ve got an infinite budget, an amazing location, a fascinating subject – what ideas have you got?”  I’d have replied something like “Snuh.  Buh.  Fllrt.  Huff.”  Being as busy as this obviously brings the money in, but above and beyond the physical burnout is the mental exhaustion, and I need to make more space from now on for developing new ideas, and learning new skills.
  • I say this every year, but I really will write more blog posts and do more videos in 2015.  Partly this is because I’ve come to recognise that perfectionism keeps me from posting stuff – I’m not happy with something unless I think I’ve written every possible thing on the subject, and this obviously takes a loooong time!

A few stats on the shoots this year, as I know we all love stats:

  •  23 different clients
  • Almost no foreign travel – just the one trip to Paris for Runner’s World (I could get used to not having to get on planes very often!)  But masses of driving – 2 trips to Northumberland, 1 to the Lakes, 3 to the South West, and so on.
  • A good, steady reduction in the amount of Golf stuff I’m shooting.  This is something I’ve been working on for about 18 months, and I’m pleased to be at a stage where I still shoot it occasionally, as I don’t actually want to piss any clients off, but at the same time it’s never been something that’s moved or motivated me personally, and spending a lot of time around something that doesn’t motivate me isn’t good for the soul!

Here’s to 2015!

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