Shooting 12 models in one day for Multipower

About 10 days ago I had a fairly taxing day shooting 12 social influencers (that’s guys who have a large following on social media, in case you’re not down with the kids like what I am) for Multipower.  I still managed to shoot a quick behind the scenes video of the day though, to try and get across how organised you need to be to get through this sort of workload:

The key thing from the day was pre-planning.  Right from knowing when people were arriving, through to how long I’d got with each person, to designing 2 different lighting setups that I could switch between without causing too many headaches.  To get posed shots, hero shots, and at least one exercise circuit with 12 people is quite a tall order, and it amounted to something like 1600+ shots even after an edit.  It’s not the sort of shoot where I can afford to muck about or experiment much!

In future, as I switch to a full Profoto Air system, this sort of thing will be even simpler, as I’ll just switch channels on the remote and have to move maybe one head, rather than turning some heads on or off.  I’ll also be more careful about people coming and going whilst I’m filming a piece to camera!

If none of the technical stuff in that video and post made any sense, give my Technical Foundations course a go.  You’ll soon start to understand what we’re all on about!

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