Bidding Farewell to a beloved hire studio

Being based in Central London, and not being born into the aristocracy means I don’t own a studio, I rent them when I need to.  I’ve rented many over the years, but the one I’ve used most often is the Lemonade Factory in Battersea.  I first worked there in 1998 when I was still an assistant, and was renting it myself by 1999, and since then I’ve usually shot there about once a month.

In about 6 weeks the whole block they’re based in is being demolished to make way for a 17 storey block of flats, and they’re relocating further into South London.  Before the wrecking balls start, I recorded this little video after my shoot there on Wednesday:

The new place will be kitted out to order, so I’m quite looking forward to shooting there, but I’ll definitely miss the old, slightly rough round the edges place in Battersea!

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