Shooting events from a bike (and not getting your innards squashed by swinging cameras…)

I shoot lots of events and races, and a lot of the time I jump on a bike to get around so that I can cover more ground than I would on foot.  I’ve been using a pair of Black Rapid straps for years to support my 2 bodies, but when I’m on a bike they have a massive tendency to swing around, smash into each other, as well as smashing into me all the time.  After a few uncomfortable shoots, I settled on the solution below:

This system is also really handy when I’m shooting events like Survival of the Fittest, as it means I can attach the cameras to my body as I clamber up and over obstacles and have both my hands free.

I’m getting the hang of these quick videos – helped slightly by the fact that I finally own a decent phone – so expect more of them going forward!

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