Black Rapid’s Superb Customer Service

It’s not often I’ll just come out and unfailingly praise some camera kit or other, but for several years now I’ve been loving my Black Rapid’s.  Carrying a camera with it’s weight around my hip is far more comfortable than somewhere around my chest, and when the straps double up I’ve got by far the most usable and pleasant way of carrying 2 bodies for when I’m shooting events or races.  I even made a little video earlier in the year about how to secure them to your body to prevent injury and permit even more mobility.  They’ve become one of those pieces of kit that I now can’t imagine working without.

So imagine my disappointment, when after 3 years of heavy use, the clip on the main strap broke:

Black Rapid Clip
SNAP! It went, though thankfully the collar was locked at the time.

Being the gear-head I am, I went straight onto the website, and looked for a replacement part – thinking that surely these bits must snap all the time, and I could just swap it out.  After much rummaging around I discovered that no such part exists, and that the only option is to replace the entire strap.

Now this is bad enough, except that the double strap is only available as a double – it’s not possible to just buy a replacement for one of them.  I emailed Black Rapid about this, wondering if they had some solution that didn’t involve buying a whole set all over again just because one clip had broken.

Men's Health Survival Of The Fittest London 2012
2 straps, but only one camera. Maybe that’s why I look so confused.

Being British, I was expecting a polite but firm “Tough luck me old china”, though probably not in Cockney dialect, as the company are American.  Being American their customer service is of course, exemplary, and I was told that they’d simply despatch unto me, at NO COST WHATSOEVER a new pair of straps.

Survival 2014 - Black Rapid's
It seems the only shots of me using Black Rapids show me covered in filth.

They duly did, and I’m back in action.  Now, whilst I think it’s a bit daft that you can’t swap these clips out (they actually wear down over time naturally) without replacing the whole thing, and I think the straps are very expensive for what they are, I was very impressed by their response.  I can think of quite a few professional camera companies that would do very well to follow their example!

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