Location Portrait Courses at the Nikon School

After a bit of an absence, I’m teaching a couple of courses at the Nikon School again.  Both of them are on location portraiture, the first with the emphasis on Sports, including a bit of action photography, and the second with the emphasis more on mood and drama.

Alfie Bowe
Alfie Bowe – professional MMA fighter and model, who’ll be the subject for the Sports course.

These courses are a bit of a departure for me, as rather than just stand at the front of a classroom and yammer on all day, I’m going to be conducting both shoots live, and students can then step in and take the shots themselves. 

The aim is to essentially download my head, and in the course of a day take you through as much as possible of what goes into making a professional image.  I’ll be covering lots of technical aspects like lighting, exposure, lens selection, camera handling and so on, but also covering creative aspects such as developing ideas, and some “soft” skills like directing a model to get the best out of them.  After shooting all morning on location, we’ll then retire to the well-appointed classroom at the Nikon School in the West End, where I’ll take everyone right through my workflow, from downloading images all the way to retouching in photoshop, with as much of the process outlined along the way as possible.

Lisa Raynsford
Lisa Raynsford, actress, singer, and model, and our talented subject for the vintage course.

Nikon will be providing all the lighting, and all you’ll need is your own camera and lens.  If you want to take the most advantage of the afternoon session, your own laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom on would be handy, but not essential, as Nikon do have a couple of workstations at the school.

The Sports/Boxing course is at the Peacock Gym, in Canning town (one of my favourite locations) on April the 1st, and the Vintage course is at Cahoots in Soho on April the 8th.  I’ve not shot in Cahoots yet, but it looks stunning.

Details and bookings for the courses are here:



Hope to see you there!

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