Staying fit for Photography

Here’s a video that I’ve been meaning to make for ages – my thoughts on staying fit, flexible, and functional whilst working as a professional photographer. I’ve been knocking the ideas around for quite a while, as I’ve been having all sorts of issues for years, and the other week I finally got round to watching the Chase Jarvis video on the same topic. Thought I’d better add my own thoughts and experiences to the mix.

I’m sure you’re pretty capable of watching the video, but just in case, in summary:

  • If you’re having any problems with mobility, getting pains in certain places, getting a “bad back” or finding it difficult to lift, move, or work, then GO AND GET CHECKED OUT.  Do not just rely on watching some video on the internet!  Find a physiotherapist, or a personal trainer/coach who specialises in movement assessment and/or mobility.
  • You may well find, that unless you know you’re carrying a pre-existing injury or condition, your problems stem from some form of strength imbalance.  Besides stretching and flexibility exercises, these can often be corrected by doing lots of unilateral exercises, or moves that work your core from different angles, such as a Turkish Get Up.
  • Take the time to lift things properly, and carry things properly – don’t be lazy.  Make more trips if it will save you from being overloaded.  Use a backpack not a shoulder bag, and don’t behave like you’re still a teenager when you’re in your 30s or older.  You ARE more injury prone, and you WILL take longer to recover!

It may seem an odd topic to cover, as we don’t always associate photography with being fit.  Trust me though, if your mobility is limited in any way, making your living as a photographer can become much more challenging!

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