Sports portrait course on location

Sports Portrait Course
An image from the course back in August. Alfie kept this up for ages, and barely broke a sweat!

Since the last 2 times have been fully booked, Nikon have asked me to run another sports portrait course, with the ever impressive MMA fighter Alfie Davis, at the superb Peacock Gym in Canning Town, East London.  The format will be similar to the last 2 times:

  • Shooting an experienced model on location, with lighting provided by Nikon.
  • On site tuition and advice from my good self.  I’ll be shooting live to an ipad, so everyone can see clearly what I’m talking about, before they take their own turn.
  • An afternoon at the Nikon school critiquing images and going through post production, with lots of Photoshop instruction.  I tend to run this by taking the whole group through one of my own images step by step and in depth.  Then I let everyone work on their own at their pace, and wrap it all up by either working on a volunteer’s image or showing alternative versions of mine.
  • As well as lunch, tea, coffee, and me yammering on all day!

Full booking details are here, and the date is the 18th April.

Sports Portrait Course
Alfie taking a break during the last course. All lit with flashguns – 10 bonus points if you can tell me how I lit it!

This sports portrait course is always superb fun to teach – much more hands on than a standard classroom setup, with much more potential for one-on-one tuition.  As long as you’ve got an understanding of exposure, and a camera that you can control manually, we can take care of everything else, so don’t be afraid to sign up if you’re just starting out.  You’ll get insights into my thought process, as well as lots of technical camera and lighting info, not to mention a full workflow and Photoshop tutorial in the afternoon.  Hope to see you there!

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